The round and steaming hot crust, combined with rich filling, fills the air with a dense aroma. Wheel cakes are not just a delicious snack, but also a story filled with memories.


    The filling of our wheel cakes is our secret weapon. Each flavor is meticulously braised, skillfully combining traditional and innovative tastes. This allows your palate to relive those wonderful childhood memories while delivering a unique and delightful surprise. Our cream fillings, in particular, are our pride. We insist on cooking them by hand daily to ensure the highest quality texture. Additionally, our crust of the wheel cakes is freshly made on site. The chewy texture allows you to relive the wonderful taste of your childhood with every bite.



    “MisterWheel” is not only a snack, but a feeling, a memory, and a story. Among Taiwanese snacks, wheel cakes are highly favored by international tourists, inspiring us to promote them globally. It embodies our dedication and passion. Each flavor marking a moment in time, and each bite sparks a new sense of wonder. We look forward to sharing this delight with you!



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    it can be a way to boost working morale and the staff will be both happy and efficient.

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    it fosters team connections, boosting workplace happiness and efficiency

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    "Wheel pies as welcome treats: satisfy guests as they wait to enter."

    it's a thoughtful surprise, heating up the relationship

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     Create engagement and sense of surprise in any occasions and events.

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